Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Sky came down upon us converging with the Earth in a Day.

Dusk before Mountains.
Mornings before Mountains.

City Scapes

This series was done about a month ago when I was still working in the studio at school. I've recently been given an 8x10 view camera from the photographer I'm working for, and I wanted to test it out. I decided upon an optical illusion, something that can only be done with a view camera. The process of coming up with an idea to be an illusion was quite difficult. I didn't want to just make some lines or shapes, I wanted something more thematic. I chose a city scape, the idea of people falling off buildings has been something I wanted to work on, but until recent had no legit way of doing it. To make the buildings I drew what my city would look like on a piece of transparency paper, and then projected it through the back of my camera. The subject could stand anywhere in the scene, which would make it look like they are floating somewhat in mid air. I used slide film and scanned it in. Then in photoshop I combined some of the scenes together. Ialso have obviously added some clouds and rendered the buildings some colours. This was done to further enhance the illusion, as well as create this surreal city scene. The whole process took about two months, from idea to finished image. Even though it took so long to finally finish these images, I couldn't be happier. The first time using an 8x10, in the studio, doing an optical illusion, and I actually got somewhat promising results.