Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Traveler

these two images are done for my advertising photo 1 course.

For the on location assignment I chose to photograph under the concept of traveling. The people standing are traveling, just as light does. I used a Phase One camera body with a P25 digital back. I used Profoto lighting as well for both the indoor and outdoor scene. For the indoors scene I had Christy being the owner of a map collection. Overall I think the photograph is successful, her clothing is convincing, as well as the serious look on her face. The lighting is fairly simple but goes well with the theme of the photograph. It is more believable than the outdoors image. The outdoors image has a little more dramatic lighting. I chose to make it look staged to further emphasise his importance being there. Both of the subjects are metaphors for light, for they both travel. Indoors light does not travel much, but instead bounces within the room. I think the lighting conveys a feel of homelyness keeping the viewer on the subject and the details about the scene. The outdoors scene's dramatic look goes in hand with light traveling more distance easier. I chose to light him this way because if the light were similar to that of the indoors photograph, it would be rather boring. There is no interesting subtle detail in the scene, so dramatic lighting helps make up for it.

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